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  • Tattoo Regret? Not Anymore

    Removing tattoos just got easier with the PicoSure Laser from Vero Cosmetic Surgery & Medispa – William H. Frazier MD in Vero Beach Florida…

  • Fast, Safe And Pain-Free

    This tattoo was treated 20 times with a painful Q-Switch laser (center photo). The PicoSure laser removed the remaining ink after only 6 quick treatments.

  • Hate Your Tattoo?
    Time For A Break-Up

    “Rumors abound that tattoo removal is painful,” says Dr. William Frazier, “Some older lasers are quite painful, but not the PicoSure at our office. PicoSure is fast, it doesn’t use heat, and it’s a walk in the park, because we inject local anesthetic. Clients are amazed at how pain free it is.”

New York Times Article: Tattoo Removal Takes Tiny Steps Forward!

Got Tattoo Regret? No, it’s not forever...

We have the most advanced laser on the market, the PicoSure laser. Here’s why our tattoo removal with this revolutionary laser is right for you.

  • Dr. Frazier, plastic surgeon, knows pain management/avoidance
  • Laser works fast on difficult colors like blue, black and green
  • Laser works on previously treated tattoos
  • Anticipated 4-6 treatments to clear a tattoo, not 20+ painful treatments
  • Affordable prices based on tattoo sizes

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